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Seems a bit pricey :P. Maybe a 2 signatures and 1 avatar or some different combos. Good luck and your work is amazing Aidan! Keep it up!


I know, i'll be working out package deals soon.


Aidan, pm me in IRC; i might work with you on this work shop, just so you/possibly we can get more satisfactory outcomes :}

Proud Ex-Member of NME
Proud Ex-Leader of Brave Theory
Supporting Epidemic


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i know, i'm just saying. and like i said, good luck with it.

Take me back, to how it used to be, I'll never close my eyes again. How could I ever forget a place like this, somewhere where i can call my own.
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bet you arent good as me. Look at my sig.


Don't come in here thinkg ur hard **** please.


+ Ur signature is not very good, it looks like a a render, a stock(+filter) & maybe a little lighting.


But hit me up on irc & lets organize a sig battle. (Aidan|Poets)

Retired March 2012


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