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Sup Fresh

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Sup pure warfare community, i am currently looking for a low level clan to join, no clan is to little or to big for me to join, i am dedicated to my clan, (TL;DR notice) i have been in 4 clans i belive and i never quit any one of them they either closed or they closed and re-made into another clan. these clans are starting from my early years Tyrant Pures with harbor kid x(closed),Divinity with Z 0 M which ultimately closed, Worldwide (Remade into CX) and Elysium was closed sadly, since i felt very much at home in elysium. only thing was we never had full outs which i absolutely love :D.


anyways as you can see i have clanning experience, ive been playing this game for 6 years, i am very loyal, and very skilled.


here is a picture of my avatar accompanied with my stats:101130175658.png



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tyrant pures pride.



come check us out, i was in dire revenge/tp/




we do f2p minis/p2p minis/f2p preps/p2p preps pull 50s to f2p pk trips' 45 to p2p trips.


we just preped fi, lost 0-3 but was a epic battle, and we pulled 33.


i say come check us out, tp pride

Proud To Have Been Zenith.




Semptember 18th 2012




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#Zenith bro come check us out a few elysium members have just recently joined us :)


We have a cool community with is very freindly and relaxed, we uplled 50 to our f2p pk trip this saturday and had some fun :) we usually get around 2 minins a day and 1-2 preps per week, we have an official f2p pk trip on saturday and usually go to PCL on fridays :)


Forums: www.Zenith-rs.com


Irc: #Zenith

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Well back in the days when EF was opened, we use to compete with Tyrant Pure against Harbor Kid X if you remembered. When EF/TP closed, I also joined DY until it was closed. Then, I have created Worldwide which made CX. Now EF is re-opened and it's been 4 months since we're opened. We are also been pulling in the 30's and almost to the 40's for f2p trips.


If you would like to check us out, come by our irc at #clan-ef and come check out our forum at http://exiledforce.b1.jcink.com


- Str br0s 001

Join EF today at:





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yooooo its me Sirchris684 from Dy, :D

try #clan-ef :P

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hey Sup Fresh idk if you know me but i was around during those times when tp was around i was ef during those times.


I strongly recommend you to join EF you wont be dissapointed if its preps/pk trips/minis what your after then surely give us a chance?




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Hey bro I was in TP too my name was p k 3 r x 92. We got about 5-6 former tp in CP atm: pur3 kilah (chad), unbludgeoned, me, k1ss of k0, vietpure


Come hang out we very chill and good luck






Corrupt Pures CrownLeader.gif[supreme Elder]
Since 09' | #Clan-CP | www.cp-rs.com
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