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Homage to Team Total Corruption

Pinky Style

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Just looking over what once was the #1 pk team because of some of the stuff I still have on my computer. Any other former TTC members are welcome to post pictures or thoughts.




Obese Inc getting 99 Ranged



Purefect getting 99 Magic/Maxed Account



Beginning of a Legend



First Official PK Trip ft. Scott, Brad, Ethan, Dale, Tom,



16th of October, 2009



Outcome of a TTC GWD Trip



Always Raping LTDs



Refer to Above



Your Average TTC Mini-war Enthusiam ft. Gfed Owned, Cya Suka, Pinky Style, Obese Inc, Hax Bow, Gfed 0wned, ex0tic, Xpkr (Pat) along with disgraced members I Eatbread I & F Al L E D






A speech I made for the team when we first started winning mini-wars on December 16th, 2009 which evidently became true:


"Obviously the past two days have been absolutely EPIC for us and almost indescribable. I asked of everyone only a few days to pick up their game; bring proper gear to mini's and really try to learn the ropes and you guys did so! Over a period of only two days we took down some of the best pure mini-ing clans in RS including: DB, MM, DP, TGG and IR. We are currently 5/5 since the win against DB and I want to keep it that way! TLP were undefeated in mini's for something like 64 times in a row, lets follow in their footsteps and show those mocking us that we're here for real.


Over the next few days I will probably be trying to get more mini's with clans and teams that we have not yet defeated yet such as: EOP, CH, NP (maybe..), POT, CY, C and maybe even FOE with a combat cap if we continue the way we're going. I really do want to thank you guys for showing up to all of these and supporting our members, thank you also to our lower level members who often have to sit, that is a lot of dedication from you guys.


People will come to see us as a threat and I want to dominate this weekend at our official pk trip to post on PW and show them we're not just some team that mini's. In future events we may even move our events to earlier time slots so that we can run in with clans with a bigger name.


We are Total Corruption, we are growing faster than almost any other team has ever before and even as a more mid-level based team we will dominate and ARE dominating the pure world."


The ORIGINAL requirements of a TC Elite:


60+ Attack

85+ Magic

80+ Hitpoints

43+ Prayer

90+ Primary Stat (this can not include magic)

80+ Secondary Stat

1-20 Defence


Funnily enough, when TTC closed the requirements of a regular member were higher than these.





-TTC began as a small team of about 5 friends.

-TTC was originally founded to provide a team for friends and Australians/New Zealanders to PK with.

-TTC was originally led by a honour and a no-honour leader.

-TTC went public at the end of September in 2009.

-We were the first ever successful and profound Australian-based team.

-We maintained one of the best mini-war units and became one of the best within a few months of opening.

-Our forums were hacked twice during our time, the second leading to the creation of better forums.

-At one point we were undefeated in mini-wars for approximately ~25 clashes, equal to ~75 rounds.

-From memory, our full mini-unit was undefeated.

-TTC was the first team since Perfection died to give NP a challenge.

-Many TLP members joined TTC and vice-versa.

-TTC closed due to unfortunate circumstances but this is not indicative of TTC's reign.

-TTC closed at the beginning-mid November in 2010; 14 months open to the public and over 18 months of it's roots.



VIDEOS - Mini-Wars


(Sequential Order)


December 13th, 2009 against Mayhem Makers



December 14th, 2009 against Destructive Pures



December 15th, 2009 against The Golden Gods



December 18th, 2009 against Mayhem Makers



January 13th, 2010 against Fatality



January 15th, 2010 against Intense Redemption



April 20th, 2010 against Eruption of Pures



May 3rd, 2010 against Team Incorporated


May 6th, 2010 against Pures of Today



May 9th, 2010 against Crimson Project



May 20th, 2010 against Chaotic



June 7th, 2010 against Worldwide Pkers


June 21st, 2010 against Havok



July 2nd, 2010 against Mayhem Makers


July 19th, 2010 against Team Incorporated


Many more @ the youtube channel: TeamTotalCorruption





April 6th, 2010 - Fun events video



May 11th, 2010 - ******* around at FOG



August 16th, 2010 - NP failing to bang us during a PK trip


September 23rd, 2010 - TTC's first PK video (over 6.3k views in just over 2 months)



TTC Graphics


Arguably the most popular TTC sig ever:
















Thank you to basically all of the ranks and members of TTC who made it what it was in no particular order:




U G0t Servd

Gfed 0wned







Hax Bow





Cya Suka

K0ed Harshly

Bright Toad


Masta Evo

Xbl Nick

Yui Hirasaw

Obese Inc



~Team Total Corruption

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Weird to see you guys in those pics as level 70s and 80s when i remember mini'ing you guys a few months ago with no-one under level 100 :P

The few kids who come on their zerks to our trip either lost their pure or are old school and only get on for trips. These kids are in mith or addy...


>pure world

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rule #1- dont accept a mini from ttc at 3am est.


whos in the full mini unit?



a few got def/name changed, that's what it used to be anyways. thanks to brad and scott for putting a lot of time into ttc, it was a blast while it was open

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rule #1- dont accept a mini from ttc at 3am est.


whos in the full mini unit?



a few got def/name changed, that's what it used to be anyways. thanks to brad and scott for putting a lot of time into ttc, it was a blast while it was open

^and Mercy Blitz at 70 combat is actually a different person now, they're actually 75 attack 1 defence maxed.

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