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So I am currently 4 defense with 283 def exp. I want to get 10 def for slayer helm and combat robes and **** since I don't pk and only play for my clan. Is there any specific quest I should do to get to exactly 10?


No I won't do Nature Spirit as I don't want 14 def.

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Have you tried drinking bleach? I hear it gives you exactly 10 defense.



SCAMMER! Gets you poisoned BAD. Antis dont work, gotta get the bleach accumulator and jam it down your throat.

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If you don't pk much, why not get 20 defense? It helps your clan more than you think.


OT: you could do Fremmy Trials and gain access to Yaks, which isn't too bad of a training spot when it isn't being hoarded by botters and whatnot.

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Get 20 only 4 combat lvls..

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fremmy trials for yaks?

in search of myreque for barrows shortcut


not sure if they'll leve you over 10 tho


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