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P0ke N Die

Oldfags Report In

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2003 Unit

of The Last Pures

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Started scape in rsc forgot what year that was tho.

then restarted in ~2005 on my main

made my first pure in late 2005 (nigthekiller)

made my next pure in early 2006 (Yo Iwis)

join my first pure clan in late 2006 (v0p)

It turned into an offical clan in early 2007 (Reborn Pures)

We merged with DisRuption and kept the name DisRuption a month later (p0ke u were in it)

After DR closed joined The Hatred

blahblahblah that's when the newfag days start

90+ & 82+ STAT | -20 DEF | #MAYHEM-MAKERS
Proud Warlord of Malice

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i only just missed bunny ears :(


got a scythe though

..::PKin since classic '03 evildevilpy9.gif ::..

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Started pure pking in 2004 on Nippon89, made a new account Nippon Mage a few months later.

Had my own team that pked mostly in W3 and later W50, doing trips to W20, W25, W10, W29 etc.


Joined first pure clan Abyssal Legion in 2005, after that I've been in EO, SO, TP, TLP, EOP, VD and Fatality.


I've lost my oldest pics but I'll post some from around 2005-2006:


So I had my team, we pked and had fun events all the time. When we had good numbers we'd go **** on VIP in w25 or random w20 pkers, castle lure or go on awesome GDZ trips:






I got some nice pics from H3llz Beav3rs' gdz trips... 05 I think? These were a lot of fun too, a shitload of pures:




^ I got more pics from these trips if someone wants, I think pretty much EVERYONE worth mentioning was there :thumbsup:


Then there was ofc S0, pure pwnage:





^ Flame about teles if you want, I've always used teles in F2P multi (though sadly I had to stop using them on clan pk trips)





As for shoutouts... way too many people to even begin with. If you knew me back in the days... well... I miss you all, and the good times that we had together. I hang out on #fatality with nickname "Nip", /msg me I love to talk with oldfags ^_^


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