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  1. 06scape admins are the worst
  2. meh MM reigned supreme all of 2010, 2011, and the majority of 2012. Also every pure clan had to adapt and get more defence so case closed. Foe as a pure clan closed somewhere in 2010.
  3. ! watch in 1080p hd in resized haters gunna h8 about my windows movie maker live black bars
  4. if you are low level, try dags. prayer doesn't affect your combat so please don't be ignorant say "im 1 prayer pure"
  5. You can get 1 hit with 1 defence. You know that right the max hit in the eoc is 4100. as a pure, ur default hp is 3960. the ability to hit a 4100 requires 85 str(or something), which you need 99 str to actually deal the maximum damage. a pure with a cmaul can easily hit 1500 3x as fast as darts. your opponents are people with 50 50 50. do you honestly think they will know how to counter this shet? i forgot to mention that you can always use magic to kill them, they won't know **** about the combat triangle. you can still wear armor, and right now the max hp is like 6150(+4% for 90 fm but cbf to do maths) for a pure which actually only costs about 50k for a set. they will have 50 hp, aka 2000 hp + rune which will be another 3k-4k depending if they have a shield. so in most cases, you will have higher hp, and your max hit will be twice theirs. now can you please tell me how pures are at a disadvantage now? also, pures could get 1hit before the eoc. even easier actually. 50 atk 99 str 31 prayer with 80 hp is about 74 combat. the max hit with that is 410. 410x3 = 1230. I had this type of account. if i maxed 2 times, I'd get a kill. My average hit is 615. aka if i rushed them from full hp, i'd kill them like 38% of the time. if i chose to hit them once with an msb, they would die even more. even if u were 99hp, brewed up, with 10% fm bonus, you could still get 1hit. and also since pures can have 6k hp, and the max hit for a maxed pure is the same as a maxed main which is 4100, pures can now NOT get 1 hit. kill yourself for being ignorant as fk and trying to spread around that propaganda note I'm still not playing the eoc worth ****
  6. thats 38% which is already decent, but considering in the highlight reel there are 3 people guarding him makes it insane in the wilt chamberlain game in the entire 4th quarter, 4 of the 5 players were guarding chamberlain in hopes of trying to stop the embarrassment of a 100 point game
  7. flawpy is nothing compared to plawpy
  8. 1 def so ur 102 combat and can easily k0 retards with 505050
  9. tl;dr quit cuz its ****. cancel your memberships if you haven't already
  10. MM best low level clan Spoiler: obv #1pure clan cuz they the only pure clan. therefore I deem levels 1-110 low levels.
  11. im not at liberty to say how much etho spends on the site per month but... it's alot...
  12. listen here idiots. i got 39 def first. all you phaggots copied me. july 2k10 had barrow gloves + turmoil get off my nuts then got 40 def like any sane person
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