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Aye i'm nate, my runescape name is Im Not Legnd. Where I got the runescape name from? I didn't make the account name but it's obviously from the movie I Am Legend (Will Smith ftw haha). I play Runescape which is why I checked out these forums. I've been a part of the pure community for about 3 years now and loved every bit of it. I've never had a main but I've played on friends mains.


How I got into Runescape, I went over to my friends house and I saw that he was playing a game, I asked him what it was and he explained it to me and tought me how to Pk and the basics of runescape. I started a pure but they never really got anywhere because, I really couldn't train for anything back then. I'm currently in a clan called Havoc, and loving it because I've known the leaders and most of the ranks for close to a year now.



Well that's all I can think of to tell you guys for now.

If you need to contact me I'm usually In #Clan-HaVoC

IRc nick is ``nate

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Welcome to the forums.


Will Smith is an absolute legend :) Love all of his films.


I found out about RuneScape by going to a friends house and his brother was playing RS Classic, I asked what it was, went home and signed up. Although I signed up to RS2 not RSC, but when I joined I could have signed up to either of them :P

IRC Nick - ``Karl
"You lost me at biased."
Need help? PM me

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Nate sounds mature!



Welcome to the forum bud ;)

ex *Leader of:
Ancient Pures(AP), Enraged Pures, Moratorium, Red blade hunters, Phoenix elites, Team PB. (old clans/teams)

been a member of: ToonScape, L2L, RBH, UBH, TGG, MM, FI, EG, C ;)!
Account- 0oft (aka mc 5n1p3r)
YouTube; http://www.youtube.com/ownorko
Subscribe if you don't mind watching latest pure pking videos ;)

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Nice too meet you Nate, Hey just wondering but maybe sometime ask your clan members to check out these forums. :P


Oh I did the first day I tried joining.

They all really busy with Finals and Summer starting at the moment, I'm sure they'll slowly start showing up in here.

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