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i cant stand it.

clans who cant stick to a set of rules in a mini, bh and cwars.

i dont know about you guys but it just depresses me too be honest.

not going to name names.

but they should really think how it reflects on other players and other clans as a whole.

Mithril Pride
Oddish Poke-Power
Attack 70/75 Strength 81/99 Defence 20/20 Range 91/91 magic 91/94
Cooking 90/90 Fishing 83/90 Woodcutting 82/90 Hunter 95/99


(21:56:00) <+[Foe]Chad> know your place E

(21:56:08) <+[Foe]Chad> EPIDEMIC LEARN YOUR ******* PLACES *****

Spoken like a true warrior

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Guest Benjamin

I think its sad you get depressed over a game... Saying that I get angry on cod4 because its rubbish at times. but in any case keep you head up ^^ like I said its a game :P

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+1 Like no corrupt or miasmic but then show up with it on and claim a win over us

{ Elder of The Last Pures }


{ Christ lived the life I should, and died the death I deserve. }


{ Proud Moderator Of PW }


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Bein NH will only ruin your clan :P Just don't re-mini or fight nh clans?


What she said ;) .

"it used to take over my life but now im no longer a prisinor of the game, i will never let myself get addicted again."


Quit 9/25/10

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Honestly ..


Just get over it :\


The game is made up of Honour and No Honour players, unfortunately you'll run into a lot of NH PKers, so if they NH you, NH them, if they ***** about you being NH, laugh at them and then KO their pathetic asses.


It's the cirlce of Scape.

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