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  1. VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE Can't really be against it, it doesn't change anything for P2P'ers.
  2. We didn't have 41. We had around 34. But still very modest yes. Thanks for that :D!
  3. Ah TBC, a old main clan :P Seemed fun! Looking forward to fight you soon!
  4. Why miss out on some fun? We've all been training, questing and skilling for the past week.. some fun is welcome :)! We won't rush training our cmb that much anyways (obviously some are ahead). It's fun using horrible gear to pk vs other people in horrible gear and it took maybe max 15 minutes of our time..
  5. No vid. Would be a 20 second video.
  6. Epidemic heard that XL wanted a fight with around 15(-20) people so we decided to mass up. Sadly the fight didn't last that long. Thanks for the strength amulets, iron armour, trouts and the addy pickaxe! Epidemic Starting: 22 (few catched up) Epidemic Ending: 20 XL Starting: 15-20~? XL Ending: 0 (20:13:40) <Hon0r> u got owned lmao (20:13:43) <Hon0r> gf (20:13:45) <Hon0r> rip ur clan (20:13:50) <Hon0r> next time ill bring even more :)
  7. If we don't get F2P worlds soon I'll quit again.
  8. Almost impossible to get out of a slump these days. Hardly anybody joins 'pure' clans these days. The only people joining are clan hoppers(whom most of the time join the best clan available)/really close friends or the odd person that has never clanned before (like never happens). And for that you need to be on your best and do really well. Unless you're going to mass recruit or team nothing will really change. And NME didn't want to go that low (yes we teamed 1 or 2 times with Fatality to spice things up, but not as a last resort). Besides, to many people in NME didn't want to put in the extra effort because it's Runescape. People got bored. People want to be in a clan for cool events without putting much effort in it. When you hit a slump those people give up easily. But the mayority in NME were done with Runescape anyways (or are done with it now).
  9. Thought you stopped playing Runescape o.0
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