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Wiz Khalifa


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one of my latest pieces, done for my new-best-friend Alex who is currently in Malice, with myself. csb :dotfire:




TEXT Version for those who want a visual for TEXT Placement and Effects to make it stand out and look decent. :)




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I love what you did on the left side of the signature, looks so epic :D


Can you make one with Big Pun? :D


Proud Master of Negative.

Proud Ex-Member of Malice

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Nice work i like it :P

"So count your money, ill count my friends, we will see who's richer in the end."


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I really like the left half of the piece, but not so sure about the right half of the piece.

But all in all, I like it, really good job :)

I don't like the text though :(

Looks better plain and simple!


~ XQ

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