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  1. cp coming to 07scape tooooooo :D
  2. This forum will be a hella more active in the days to come!!! leggo
  3. I wonder what these changes are gonna be ;D!!!!!!
  4. rip donations back 2 runescape! :D
  5. Sounds pretty fun tbh, I might turn mems to see how it goes XD
  6. Rip pure clanning. No matter what, rs will die out eventually, but the memories will be remembered. Had a fun time... time to dive into the main world! :D cpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp
  7. nice, glad you guys are keeping the pure world up :)
  8. nice work eop sry about the unmatched fight, but you guys have guts, gl pure clanning, I know you guys will dominate :)
  9. looks awesome ;D quick question about BS, how long does it take to train up a pure for a pure clan? The same as in old rs or are the exp rates different? :3
  10. Turmoil, turned the rich pures into 35 defence thus changing the definition of the proper def for pures then all the op items just kept coming D:
  11. Good luck :) fight mains if you want more competition :)
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