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Frewin's arrived.


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Hi there everyone at PW.


Posting a short introduction, hopefully some people will recognize me already, and if not, this should give you a little background about me, myself, and I.


My name's Alex. Alex Frewin. So that's were my name comes from, it's my surname.

I'm 17 at the moment, from the United Kingdom. England :)


I have many accounts, some say too many. Some that people MAY know:

F_R_E_W_I_N, Mage_Frewin, U_C_M_Y_Pure, P_C_Mah_H_P, Dem_Chickenz, Eze_Arch3r, V_Alive_V.


I have alot more but I don't want to bore you too much :D


I currently play semi-proffesional ice hockey, and represent Great Britain for Roller Hockey.


If you have any questions about me or what I do, then don't be afraid to ask :)

That's all for now,

~ Frewin


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