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Epidemic was the greatest upcoming clan of 07. Closed due to wilderness being removed. We are back from the dead to claim our #1 rank. Winner of 4 out of 5 Pure community awards of our category since we reopened, nothing can stop us. PvP/Bounty Hunter made us raise our game to a very high standard, where we are currently competing with clans such as Mayhem Makers, Devastation, Eruption of Pures. We are always improving and striving to become the best. So join now!


Site: http://epidemic-rs.com/forums

Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=epidemic

IRC: #Epidemic







- 80+ Strength or Range

- 82+ Mage

- Double 75+ Stat


To apply, as a Future Member the requirements are:

- 75+ Range/Magic/Strength


All requirements include 68+ Hitpoints & 20- Defense





Epidemic's main strength is our member's organization. We don't play around when it comes to wars and don't accept any fooling around either. If you join, you will learn a lot and realize what its like to be in a real clan. Our excellent leadership also love to develop some sick strategies and implement them in the clan. A combo of good strategies and organization is what makes us different from other clans. If you're looking for an active clan who strives to improve you should join us.

If you are interested to know where we come from, you can read our full history here: Epidemic's History





Here is a list of the clan officials with a little background information on each of them.


Warlord Of Epidemic

Blahabahaba: Andrew, also known as Jibs2ndpure, is probably one of the most well known pure leader of all times. Andrew started leading main clans in 04. In summer 05 he joined a clan named The Pures, which a few weeks later led them to be the 3rd Best Pure clan. Jibs later founded Epidemic with Bob. Starting from lvl 3's, Epidemic entered the top 10 on December 10th, only a few months later. Jibs is a genius when it comes down to the battlefield, he will never stop surprising you with his amazing strategies.



Bob: Bob is known as Bow Of Bob or I3ack2own in the pure clan world. Bob was one of the core members of TP back in summer 05. He later joinned MM on I3ack2own. In summer 07, Jibs talks with him on msn about creating Epidemic. This is when Bob's leading career begins. Jibs and Bob made of Epidemic one of the best clans of 2007 in a span of only a few months. He learned a lot from leading Epidemic and he is back to prove it.


IVP: In Vas Por joined Epidemic in October, in under a week she got promoted to Elite. On December 10th, Jagex decided to remove wilderness, Jibs and Bob decided to quit runescape but didn't want to close Epidemic. They gave the lead to IVP, Narb and Bhavik. They all did an amazing job and turned Epidemic in Absolution. This is when everyone realized her true potential as a leader. In the new Epidemic, she will be co-leading the clan.


Plode: Plodeh has been in Epidemic for a long time. When Epidemic re-opened he was an application manager and did things normal leaders did. Soon he got promoted to Elite member and a few weeks later to Leader due to the things he did for Epidemic. In the new Epidemic Plodeh will lead Epidemic.




A picture is worth a thousand words


Epidemic of 2007:

[ x ] - [ x ] - [ x ] - [ x ] - [ x ] - [ x ]


Epidemic of 2008:

[ x ] - [ x ] - [ x ] - [ x ] - [ x ] - [ x ] - [ x ]


Epidemic of 2009:














Clan Information

Site: http://epidemic-rs.com/forums/

IRC: #Epidemic

Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=epidemic





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Join today, Mini's Daily, 3 Mandatory PK's a week & lots of other events.

Great officials & members, Join NOW.


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Full of win topic.

Accepted into Epidemic on Saturday, September 09, 2007.
Promoted to Senior Member of Epidemic on Thursday, November 08, 2007.
Other Clans -> [Ex-Absolution High Council, Ex-Corrupt Pure, Ex- Final ownage elite]
Rank change to Officer of Epidemic on Wednesday, 02, 2009.


I'm the #1 aftermath topic maker, quit r00nsk3p.

Be prepared.



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