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  1. i doubt it. it dropped from like ~120 votes/min around this time yesterday to 25 votes/min. so if the votes/min don't drop at all from this point on until the end of the 2 weeks we would likely have a little less than 600k votes.
  2. it wont hit 750k unless jagex rig the **** out of it. it's also unlikely that we will hit 500k votes either regardless of the outcome i can't see myself playing
  3. rest in peace in peace
  4. every time i read a post written by you i lose 5 brain cells
  5. joke was already used. u an idiot nub or somethin?
  6. either that or PM me your runescape pass whatevers easier for u
  7. http://grape-juice.info/wm/ pic: http://imgur.com/F2V2E will be running every saturday and sunday from about 3PM to 8PM EST. no more hiding from clans lolz forum apps/hooks & ingame scripts possibly coming soon if anyone can help me finish the clan homeworld list thatd be nice so far i only have eop, nme, mm that i can remember and dont feel like doing bitchwork
  8. u ended before 6:10 pm dont post fake kdr plz ty ur real kdr:
  9. gj foe, just one problem though.. both clans dropping? id say only one starting opts of both clans: [05:33:33pm] <@Marty> .bcount [05:33:34pm] <@[NME]Bot> Good: 50/60 - Bad: 54 - Style: range(25/25|100.0%)
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