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Corrupt Pures pk trip

u go n flop

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WE started off the day, with an epecting 30ish people. We peaked at around 35 people which is what we had semi planned for.

oh yah and happy birthday 6iiiiiiiiii



Kyle had been discussing to fight ascendency for today, so we got it set up. We hopped about 2-3 times to find an open world to fight.




We had set up on the hill north east of clan wars, and ascendency were on the hill east of us. After about 2 minutes, we decided to rush them after some of them got stuck in the valley. WE went back to our hill and binded the people that got lured to our hill and killed them, this gave ascendency a weaker force on their hill, so we decided to charge them and take their hill. pushing them all the way to single from pretty much Clan Wars.


Cp starting: 25

CP ending : 20(approx)


A starting :23

A ending : 2-3 (in single/ clan wars)





Then we had scouts on DP, and scouted them with about 25 people. We met them west of chaos alter as they were coming up from fog and we were planning on hitting them. THey did not expect us coming and we pushed them all the way to fog.


CP starting : 30 approx

CP ending : 26


DP starting : 25(scouted)

DP ending : 5-10 ran to fog.








Then we were really bored, and couldnt find a fight and we were at clan wars, and we hopped to fight calamity, but they said no, so then we just fought epidemic for the lulz, then we ended. Then CY went and fought EPidemic with Malice and got owned... Cy scared?







Thanks for everyone who came!!! GF Clans we fought.


VIDEO - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF5QLHSSJ_A




lawson & skillzy = sxc beasts :D

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Nice job guys!

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