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Post your desktops!


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Haha, I knew someone would point that out, but unfortunately it's a song.


Sexy Body - Do it


Youtube it if you like :)


My PC is also running Windows XP, just with a Bricopack courtesy of CrystalXP.net.

IRC Nick - ``Karl
"You lost me at biased."
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aww, doodle edit'd his post :( I liked the "RS bot" window in it. xD


Nothing fancy, probably due for a change if anything:




On a side note, hoorah you added image resizing so that it doesn't take up more room than my screen [i have a small screen, if you haven't noticed].

Omni is my one. My only.
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lol @ hatton's Botnetting and DDosing folder now im scared to stay on forums

<@``Karl> lets get an apartment
<@``Karl> together
<@``Karl> ?!?!?!?!!?
<@Jay> lol i can't even stand being in an IRC room with you
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