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oh joy, this is going to be fun.


I have known about rs for around, 6 to 7 years, however I did not start playing it myself until ~5 and a half years ago, at which stage all I did was mine and make money.


I quit for some time then came back when a friend got into the game, however shortly after another friend told me to make a new account with him and pretty much introduced me to 'pures' without ever telling me what it was. (He basically said, just to train range up and not bother with other stats, which I did until his combat level surpassed mine and I got prayer [15 I think it was] and defence [10] in an effort to catch up to him. [this was long before range/magic bonus prayers and therefore it was deemed useless for those type of accounts] This was all around 4 and a half years ago.


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I played off and on during the classic era.


However, I really began playing right after the second version was launched. I found out about pures in 2006 after experiencing their effectiveness first hand O.o. Ever since then, I have created and endured several pkers.

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About 3 1/2 years, I have had to many pures to count, I always get bored so I make a new one. I am currently on my 5th pure and sticking to him.

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I started at the age of 9, 6 years ago, so I started in 03.


I quit and started back up in grade 6, I'm a sophomore now.. so you can do the math can't you, I can't be asked to.


Made my first pure in '07

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Seems Ive been playing forever. Well I went to the wilderness with my friend and I saw this guy my level, I figured I could kill him as I had my trusty Black longsword with me; Unfortunatly What I didn't know was that he was a pure. He killed me and I lost my black long, I made a pure and till this very day I seek revenge.

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I've been playing for 4-5 years.

Found out about pures maybe 1.5 years ago. Maybe more.


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been playing for nearly 5 years and found out about them after a year :D .

"it used to take over my life but now im no longer a prisinor of the game, i will never let myself get addicted again."


Quit 9/25/10

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