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quote of the day

' im a super gay *** '

We went pking today, BvG Wasnt on so i have to make this ******* topic. and no1 ******* vided. but i dont give a **** cause we were the only clan to pull 25+ MEMBERS, cuz like arrrbaddy was teaming n had mass invites. But like we Faught like all dem LPC's niggas, cept for PF i dident ******* see em. even though their leader was pming us last week saying we would be in lobby during all our trips l0l, them spys got caught real quick huh Griotte? or how ever the **** you spell your gay ass name


I didnt want to have a slow start to the trip so in the first 10mins i pmed L3et, this ***** was like we got 24, new dat was some ********. told him we had 27. we defended like north west of Sperm or some **** and then they rushed or somthing then like we was pretty even opts id say. Then them niggas YR was cumin in with dem spams like "purple:YRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" Tat **** gay as ****, but we procided to pull north but i died cause a ***** ***** binded me n they wasall on me an ****. But den i was returning and Mulugg was all in ts3 with his african/ethiopian ass voice like "Alright guys finish them off" n i was like "Wtf how we cleareds em mulugg?" n dis ***** was like ***** i aint even know n den we regrouped at mossies,


i got word for my ***** call me 612 dat der was some green and yellow capes fighting north of sperm, den every1 was like o shet it must be resistance and ul, n i was like hell yea dat **** prolly true, mulugg tried walking the whole way but den i was like **** this, i ran all the way north of spidervillage and i was like alright rest to 100, den like we got 1 and 1 minimap away was the fight so we was like full of enegery and low on arthang else like prayer and food and arrows. But we focused on Green first cause dat ws the first cape i saw, R was proly in ts3 like wdf we gettin le sandwhiched by 2 klans, they pulled west so we ranged south on UL they pulled like 12wildy levels to sperm and ranged us, and den we pushed into them and right when we pushed YR comes from the west, and we pulled north than we went north of spider village


okay **** my memory is **** let me think, we got a regroup. Den we went like to ******* edge bridge where Ul and R was flaming each other n **** l0l then we flamed Resistance and they got super mad and then all da sudden my ts3 went down

But then we heard UL went to Green Hill, we found em fighting BV @ Spider village and we chased bv and ul south intill dey was all dead in ****.

We like dd'd west of 18's trying to get bv to come hit us, then Ul rushed from east. We hit them with rang while dey was north of 18's we pushed into them hoping our anger about our dads not being apart of our lives would scare da **** out of them and they would run. i aint gon lie dey did aiiiightt. But den YR came from the North, we pulled like south. I heard BV hit after YR, god damn they are slow as **** to get to south

So it was like 3:30 so we ****** bsed Mulugg, then they bsed Me. and then ******* BV Hit us, and me and mulugg were like **** that u guys try and lead. with our powerful leader name striux and rangdead we lost to BV l0l, we got a srs RG in like 2mins and went ham on em and killed me n ****, l0l bv is a funny as clan.

Punish dont givvaaaaaaa ****
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***** ***** squad

Proud Ex Founder of Anxiety
Proud Ex Honoured Member of Epidemic
Proud Ex Elite Member of Destructive Pures
CURRENTLY a Proud Leader of Zenith
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LOL GJ Team BVG and Marcus wish i was at that ****.

Proud Ex-Council of Ascent

Proud Ex-Officer of Sovereign

Not So Proud Ex-Member of Corrupt Pures

Proud Member of Zenith

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Wow, ddosing even in lpc's :/


Nice trip though guys ;)


-Proud member of #TLP
-Proud former member of #Dpures

(14:27:02) <@Furious> Next season I hope there will be a "most biased and hated moderator award" I would hands down win it
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I enjoy these type of topics more then half the topics that are made for aftermath lol


gj marcus

First I slumped you, then I closed you, then I slumped you again, then I closed you, and now I will finish you

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Looked fun af from what I heard. I wish I could've been there. You a skilled writer Punish Em, your topics are full of very Leet Tactics. I Hurd dese bitches be ackin up, y'all niggas best not be lettin um.


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Dat topic


I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.

"I'm not a lumberjack, or a furtrader,
and I don't live in an igloo, eat blubber, or own a dogsled,
and I don't know Jimmy, Sally, or Susie from Canada,
although I'm sure they're really really nice.
I have a Prime Minister, not a President.
I speak English and French, not American,
and I pronounce it about, not aboot
I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack;
I believe in peacekeeping, not policing;
and that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal
a tuque is a hat,
a chesterfield is a couch,
and it is pronounced zed, not zee, zed!
Canada is the second largest land-mass,
the first nation of hockey,
and the best part of North America!


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