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How to get a Free registered version of mIRC


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This was a guide I used (I do not own) to have full access to mIRC 7.32 to avoid the trial they give you. Enjoy

Note* I have been using this, though the virus scan comes out with 1/54 for avira,mIRC/Gen

1. First download & completely install mIRC v7.32 -- mIRC - CNET Download.com

2. Now install this mIRC.exe

3. After you install the package from #2 right click and cut it then go to your mIRC v7.32 folder open it & paste this file in it & replace whatever files it says to replace.

4. After your done with that run mIRC v7.32 if the registration thing for mIRC still pops up click on (If you have your registration, please enter it here.) For the name enter whatever you would like & for the registration code just enter random letters like addj & then click OK & you should be all set.

Virus total scan:




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