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First off, this topic was approved by Hatton.


Hello, I'd like to introduce you to a sport website and forum called Signature Sports. Signature Sports has been around for over a year with over 1,000 registered users, and over 381,000 post to date.


We have individual forums for all major sports leagues including NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA. We also have forums for sports including soccer, fighting, the CFL, and auto racing. We average over 10,000 post in each respected forum.


We offer a variety of Simulation Leagues, where you can take the role as GM of a professional sports team and manage your way through seasons with the goal of championships. We currently have a MLB, NBA, and NHL simulation league going strong.


Are you into sports but not a huge fan? We have a entertainment forum with close to 22,000 post and a graphic forum with close to 10,000. You'll also gain access to hundreds of sports related signatures.


We are also one of the only sports forums on the internet to host a Debate League. Join in and debate different sports topics each week as a team.


Signature Sports is more than a sports forum, it's a great community as cliche as that is. Check it out and figure out what I mean today :).


Website - Currently being updated.


Forums - Http://Sigsports.net/forums


Register - http://www.sigsports.net/forums/index.php?...Reg&CODE=00


Introduce Yourself - http://sigsports.net/forums/index.php?showforum=5





- Keith, Signature Sports Global Moderator/Secondary Admin.

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Hmm interesting, i will look into this for sure

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Its prettty fun, their sim leagues. If you plann to sign up for sim leagues hurry before there all gone! Theres a couple MLB and NHL team open. But also great news around the world of sports.


Yar, AZN has been with SigSports for a little while now. A few other pures in the community have been with SS as well including VO leader Matt who is a NBA Sim League aficionado.


I hope you do Coz.

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clutchfans is all i need, thanks for the offer ill check it out




Clutchfans atm...


Currently Active Users: 673 (348 members and 325 guests)

Threads: 165,308, Posts: 4,636,379, Members: 37,205


Yar, it's like ESPN for the Houston Rockets. They're a profit organiztion. You don't get quality and a community with that though.

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Our server crashed yesterday due to over 3,000,000 hits within an hour on our blog.


If anyone is interested in a College Football Fantasy League let me know, I can get you in and fast.

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