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ownage 508 server


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Anyone wanna play my 508 server with me?? I got alot of editing to do.. but the first 5-10 ppl who say yea gets admin and 250m :]..

Ill even upload a client in a bit.. Low and High detail..

Also if u wanna be more a part of it then leave me an inbox message.


Visit www.download.com then download win rar the free version.


Next!download this

[Link Removed]


then put on ur desktop,right click put extract here.

open the folder and click Run.


when ip comes up put





Click your stat icons to train the stat..

Make some money by woodcutting maybe..get a job off the guy.

its what ever :].

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<@``Karl> together
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Nr Pk ***** on that tbf :L


NRPK is terrible, I also think you shouldn't of posted this here.. I don't know though.

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Omni was here lOL
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of course luke you would be the one to play and do this instead of playing RS and leveling your char...

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It has been decided that the purpose of this topic is against Pure Warfare rules. Due to the fact that this topic was created before the establishment of the rule, no further action will be taken. For information on rules pertaining to private servers, please view this topic.



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