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Not really sure, I don't plan on playing 2-5 years.


But I guess you could say most of the clans now will either succeed, or reach their limit and die.

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Considering clans today consist of mostly radical members who play solely for their clan, I'm guessing in 2-5 years time, even that'll lessen as everyone's lives will be introduced to a lot of new things.

Interest will be lost in their Runescape clan and more focused onto bigger things.


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All of them be climbin in yo windows, snatching yo people up.


QFT! :thumbsup:




I'll be training Nick to Scape he will be 7 then, and starting the next Scape saga lmfao.

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Considering most of the member base for each clan is age 17+

The original clans of yesterday and today will die off in 2-3 years.

Some clans will be replaced with a whole new member base and leadership, others will just seize to exist, new clans will form in the future with the same consistency and power as today's major clans.

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can't tell because of future updates to the game, doubt many would see clanning like this from 4-5 years back. i reckon a few faces will stick around rs, then maybe get def and join main clans where there's a lot more mature players. new generations will take over old

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