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Best RS memories.


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What are your favourite memories on RS? From really old times or recent times, reply and discuss.


For me, my favourite times in RS were back in the old wilderness around 4 maybe 5 years ago (soon after RS2 came out), I obtained my first ever pure off a real life friend.


It was a time when Varrock level 1 pking was extremely popular as was giants and hills, we had a small masser team of people around level 48-55, all had about 65-80 range. We used to simply run up to hills and take our opponents on, sometimes we'd just spec then tele (was none of this honor/no honor ********), sometimes you'd get a kill loot the arrows then tele.


Was such fun times, good adrenaline and laughs, we used to die and return with whatever gear we could, sometimes just a bow and arrows.


Other fun RS times are reading my friend Ice's rage's about his pking adventures, i used to have a signature of them all collected but somebody deleted it for too much swearing.

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Just when rs2 came out and some pures dominated the wilderness, pking in varrock lvl1, old hillz and giants at F2P. Killing lost rune noobs in wilderness and taking over giants, my best time in rs.


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When I was training with two friends back in 05 I think it was. We all used to train at Lessers in deep wilderness in P2P and a main in full adamant and dragon longsword started attacking my mate as I banked. I rushed back up to try and help him thinking he was going to die, turns out he smashed the main :)


We was all about 40 combat then with 60 or so ranked, the main was around level 60.

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mine was simply all of tgg =]




I also liked my main days. I was always a PKer whether it be with a pure or main, my main had nearly 90 range and I was around level 82? I think...


I loved staking on Shroom, and I had a IRL pk unit with Zell which later formed into what was TGG. Had fun pking with the IRL pk unit, was fun times...


I enjoyed going to hills and all the west gate wars were priceless, I loved every one of them.


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Dds staking. Going from 100k to 100m and back and forth was always a thrill. A shame they took it our because of rwt or I'd still be playing this game for sure.

^ this but I only went up to 60m :lol:

(15:26:05) <@[CP]Drunk> i told u idiots

(15:26:08) <@[CP]Drunk> u dont fight eop

(15:26:10) <@[CP]Drunk> of coursem y officials

(15:26:12) <@[CP]Drunk> are to stupid



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- When i was allowed to tele.

- When i PKed a dbow in my first week of membs and when they first came out. They were 4mill.

- When Malice beat FI in a 30 minute prep in one round when malice was new, we also had even opts.

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Me trading some lvl 30, and getting 10 mill cash.


~rwt. <3(:


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I remember my first few weeks playing runescape. Some idiot was following a friend and I around, so we went into the wilderness and I killed him. I didn't know you could get loot, so I never picked it up.


Good times.

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p2p pking with a bunch of friends at hillz back in 06-07 on our pures



also enjoy pking with a bunch of my friends from my old clan (TH) at castle, f2p style luring. getting full sara or zammy loot drops.

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