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Favourite kills in a clan fight/war!


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Post pictures of your favourite kills from a clan fight or war that you have gotten.


Could be due to a personal vendetta against somebody, have you killed somebody famous? Here is the place to post!


I like this picture because Ice (Il Ice O0) is a very good friend of mine, however he is in FOE and i am in MM obviously we love to have banter about how one is better than the other etc, we have fought eachother many times but only recently has one of us actually got the kill message of the other, so here it is.



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Leader of AAO


Story goes I was scouting for FI at gdz and had AAO cape on because we were hunting AAO... so I found them and sneaked in. So I got word FI stopped hunting AAO so no point for me to stay, I thought what the heck and attacked R3ng3r J. At that moment EOP or some other clan charges in and nobody notices me piling leader... so I stay on him and he panics or something and runs way east, I guess he lagged a bit and I k0ed him. Gf AAO.




Some kid was luring with full rune (g) from gdz to maze... well he couldn't lure FI, we k0ed him just before maze and the loot was mine... he wasn't skulled so didnt get the whole rune g but still a nice kill. Also lol @ no shares



I got more cool kills but cbf browsing through atm

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Probably killing TOXIDY (Chain) after Malice lured his entire clan SD and their main friends.




Or koing one of the CP leaders (not sure if it was SPAM or not) well like no food. His clan chased Malice into Clan Wars and I 1v1'd him, ko'd him with like constant 12+ hits with range. - Just a bit lucky, I know! :P

- CBF finding the screenie/vid tbh.

Tom N Eto. 99 Range, 99 Strength, 99 Hitpoints Pure.
Ex-The Hatred High Council.
Ex-The Dreaded High Council
Malice Founder. Something words can't describe.

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