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Experienced pures, help.

Iced Havoc

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I'm getting gradually bored of doing the same old things all the time whilst on the scapes. I'd like some suggestions of different things I could try as a pure, for example, Bandos god wars...


So yeah, post some things that I could do to mix things up between merching and PKing.






Only thing that's really changed is 1-50 RC.

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Well you can try avansies if you haven't already.

Get the range up and hybrid in PvP. You might not think pking with range isn't as fun, and it is. :)


Not many teams want 60 attack pures or 70 range for Gwd. And even with 75 attack, they only take people with ags. X_x

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try questing, it may not sound that brilliant but it can be a good way to get rid of some time and its something different to do.

and if thats not your thing spend cash on skills as a break from pvp, skilling can be pretty fun alot of the time.

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Slayer man, or minigames like someone said. Also you can try skilling. I am 80+ wc and 90+ hunter because I wanted cash and to skill.

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Firstly very nice account.

Secondly I have the same problem, i am an experienced pure but at the moment all i can use my account for is pking, it is pretty much complete.


My advice would be to start a new account all together, i have a 60 attack rune pure i play very frequently (more than my pure) and it is extremely fun, i have got barrows gloves and all the quests needed which was a long task out the way and now i can just train and skill doing slayer etc - also pk when i want to.

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Nice account. The first thing I'd probably do is train my Range to 90+, that'd be an epic pure right thur ;).


Try playing mini-games or skill if you're not ideal to training. I would do slayer, as most have said - it's a double benefit.


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get 20 def, do Haunted Mine, get a salve ammy (e),

get initiate, get 70 attack, get rune gloves, if you havn't,

if you don't wanna get 20 def, get addy gloves, once you

have the salve ammy (e), do mighty banshees, and get 99 attack,

and make hella money.







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