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Eezey looking

Cpt Jack

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Due to IR having bad trip times, and me not fitting in well with the community, I left. I need a clan that offers me a nice community and fits my times. I'm GMT +1


A bit about myself:


I'm an experienced clanner. I've been clanning since '05 and have been ranked in such clans as Ascendency, Disturbed, Apathy and Elysium.


My stats:




Clans in consideration:


- None


I'm only look for GMT based clans. Trips must be around 7-8 GMT. No later. Do not offer if you pk any later.

R.I.P Zenith - Gone, but never forgotten.
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I am not sure exactly as I am not GMT but Train some and app for TLP jnr

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hey jack, veneratio would be good for you.

frequent mini's

good community


it is est based however trips generally at 9gmt, although it's ushally worked around depending on numbers etc, as our ranks are generally active throughout gmt times.

come idle #veneratio

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Cooking 90/90 Fishing 83/90 Woodcutting 82/90 Hunter 95/99


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Hey Jack, definately try out Epidemic mate. Pretty sure you'd fit into the community Epidemic offers, just give it a try :)


I might. What time does E pk around at?

R.I.P Zenith - Gone, but never forgotten.
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Jack ive known you since Disturbed and i know what a great member and you would make and how dedicated you are. Im GMT +1 myself and our activity is doing great atm. We are bouncing off our loss against IR and are doing better than ever. Idle in our IRC a bit or just apply for clan friend if you want. We have a very friendly community and i know you will fit in fine if you were to join. If you have any questions you know where i am and our new site is:





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join calamity great p2p/f2p clan we have p2p and f2p trips every week active irc we got vent and do preps and mini wars alot #calamity is are irc we all around your cb and i think are pk time is exactly what ur looking for

Zenith @Leader
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Hey Jack, it's Frewin. I've recently joined OB on my low level pure, perhaps you could join me and help OB became just as great as Disturbed was?


www.Obvious-Kos.com ~ There's the site.

#Obvious-Kos ~ and their IRC.


My IRC nick is ~ AIeXx or [OB]AleXx

First one is with capital i and second is with an L



~ AleXx


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