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I need a clan.


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Hello im Brad due to Homicide Pures closing i am looking for a clan. I want a clan that has a nice community and that fits into my timezone which is central.


I have alot of clan experience. I have been in serveral clans i also leader couple of clan. I am looking for these things in a clan.....that does alot of preps,mini wars in clan wars,has a good community,and has a active irc chat and site.



My stats are:



I will train up if i need to.


I dont want a auto message please give me details why i should join your clan.


If you want to pm me on irc chat i will be in #ifamous

Join Corrupt Pures
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I would try a low or med clan, if you wanna train alot alot TLP main.


Not familiar with ^ or i would suggest one.

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i would suggest pd if you dont want to train.

although you do say you wil train if needed so if you want a good low-level clan #carpediem 65+ stat req

Mithril Pride
Oddish Poke-Power
Attack 70/75 Strength 81/99 Defence 20/20 Range 91/91 magic 91/94
Cooking 90/90 Fishing 83/90 Woodcutting 82/90 Hunter 95/99


(21:56:00) <+[Foe]Chad> know your place E

(21:56:08) <+[Foe]Chad> EPIDEMIC LEARN YOUR ******* PLACES *****

Spoken like a true warrior

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Hello Brad.


I love the magic. If you decide to get a secondary stat I highly suggest you try Epidemic. Introduce yourself now and get to know the community.

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Tbf 85 mage isnt going to get you very far get your other stats up and you'd have a great little account there (:

App For Dv :D

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May I remind you the consenquences of ignoring Carpediem as a possible destination?

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Proud Founder of Hysteria
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Come have a chat to me in irc #lr-clan





Where a great community that does p2p and f2p fun trips along with FULL OUTS, BH TRIPS so on.


Where improving each day.




60 plus reqs. where all around your level im 54 cmb myself.


The Dreaded, The Hatred, Sanctity.


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I talked to you about Scourge, it's your decision.


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