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  1. I'd say start playing BattleScape and join #War-Bs
  2. EOC ruined RuneScape. All u can do now is play BattleScape or Quit
  3. Today, We Are Royalty had our very first prep on BattleScape! This prep was arranged with Unlimited, and after a confusing day of the prep being on/off/on/off/on it finally kicked off at around 5pm EST and ended with a 2-1 victory for WAR. We were also quite satisfied with a peak pull of 29 on TS. Thanks for the prep, UL! Round 1 Starting Opts WAR: 24 UL: 24 Round 1 Ending Opts WAR: 0 UL: 13? Round 2 Starting Opts WAR: 22 UL: 22 Round 2 Ending Opts WAR: 15 UL: 0 Round 3 Starting Opts WAR: 27 UL: 20 Round 3 Ending Opts WAR: 6-7? UL: 0 Thanks again for the prep UL, and shoutout to [Kevin] for hosting a 200m drop party after our victory! Looking for a clan with an awesome community and daily events? Check us out at www.war-bs.bplaced.net !
  4. Lol didnt know there were so many clans in BattleScape mhmm.. Gj though
  5. OT; Gj CP, and ty 4 the prep Some-one hates Carns more than Justin Bieber! AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG AMG
  6. I dont know its either these MPC clans lost their organisation or u guys are just damn good F2P pilers. Nice organisation from Sv tbh. I'd like to see u guys stepping it up later.
  7. respect for the first guy he vidded everything. As you guys could see at the end CP actually out returned NME and pushed NME off. Thanks for the fight. Was an amazing trip tbh
  8. Havent seen MM, FOE, EOP, FI But the clans I've seen today pretty much got cleared. CP NME Z HI EF XL
  9. People like Carns wont end up joining big clans like FOE mate. Ps: Gz on ur win
  10. My first clan that I've ever led and we claimed #11 on Pure Community's PCR list. I was also the only 1 that died in round 1 xD. Legendary Pures Vs Lithuanian Pures wuz epic also WAR + Fury vs Venom + EF was an epic full out.
  11. xVideos

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    no t!ts no b!tch
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