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  1. Hello everyone. I'm glad to see purewarfare still up.. Its been far too long since I've been on here. How's scape treating everyone? I'm trying to find the time to get back into it (I probably won't though). I work 70 hr weeks right now, and have far too many irl issues going on right now to really have the time to play. I haven't been doing bad myself. Working my ass off and dealing with a few problems that will affect the rest of my life. (Long story and rather not get into it on here, if you wish to catch up with me send my a pm on here and I'll try to get back to you when I have the time). Is Karl still around? and Omni? and How's clanning going on 2007? I hope its an improvement over what clans had sunk to towards the end of rs. I guess its nice to get a second chance on this game. I really wish I could get back into it, but I can't really be bothered restarting. (I think I'm like level 35 with 1m or something lol). Well, I'll keep this short I guess. I hope everyone is doing great.
  2. This will probably be my last post. I quit runescape around 6 months ago. Do I regret it? No. Do I regret pure clanning? Hell no. Some of the best times I've ever had, have been on runescape. Not because of the game, the game is ****. The only reason that I stayed so long is due to the friends I made. I think back to CPR v1. That, by far, has been the best experience while playing a video game, that I have ever had. Moving along, I joined WAR. I had some damn good friends there as well. I moved on to fatality after cpr closed again, and once again, I was with many friends. I'd sit on irc and talk more then I'd actually play this game. The only thing I regret about pure clanning, is the downfall of our community. (which happened quite some time ago) Clans forgot why we play this game. They took to ddossing/being faggots in general. Not pointing any fingers, but some clans were far, far worse then others. To be honest, it was not jagex that killed the game. It was the runescape community in general. The pure community has been dead for quite some time, and yes, this is finally the end. And, honestly, it is what we deserve. Some of you will stay. Most of you will go. I wish you all the best. I'd like to thank all of my friends for making this game somewhat enjoyable for me while I played. Good luck in life everyone. Suicide out.
  3. True story, I got unmuted one time for saying. "Unmute me please :)"
  4. if she's old enough to bleed, she's old enough to breed.
  5. Stepped down sonny. Sick of modding a forum full of idiots. I can now be an idiot. So **** you sonny. oh and Fatality #1
  6. sam's puma speech ftw.. or his "rap" (I mean poem) about IR. Would find links for them but cbf'd right now gotta go.
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