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  1. Kergy aka Ethoxyethaan is #1. OT: Fags, and people who claim they don't give a sht yet stick around.
  2. Throne* this redneck can't spell and is married to his sister Sorry I was just thinking about how dissy threw the fight for his clan *duh dum tssssssssk* What? You're an idiot.
  3. mm won 2-1 D4rks's vid: Semgay's vid: Guy/Accomplice's vid: [19:25] <+MeMe> Yui [19:25] <+MeMe> can you add a tl;dr [19:25] <+Yui> kk i will [19:25] <+MeMe> i dont wanna read all that Edit: tldr; mmwin21
  4. Cleaned and lock topic - so at least people can look at it.
  5. Ya, we had some bloke named Truly Mayhem or whatever Mayhem nearly bring it back for us. But ya'll had a dork named windmillsftw (some noob n ranger with a regular fire cape) tank out and survive til the end which kinda lost it for us. :< Owell.
  6. Ya, I really didn't expect to. Owell. No matter what people say FOE are pretty darn strong in p2p clw though.
  7. So I'm getting spammed by this Swedish guy telling me to make a topic or some ****. (no Walli he didn't tell me to ******** around a set of monk robes) Basically we were supposed to PCT prep TLP today (which I was really looking forward to - since they have always pretty much been dominant in p2p clw ever since the #TTC era), so we had, 2 warm up preps beforehand (One verse Zenith which we lost, then another against FOE which we won). Big shout out to all clans who came out today and gave us action - I appreciate it. 13th's POV Score was 2-1 the last round was mad close. Once again, thanks for the sick fight, and gratz to Zenith on the win. Inb4bi istmod I'm done here.
  8. You think you're cool, but you're really not.
  9. Yes, I can play all his songs. I liked his music since like 9th grade (~)6 years ago.
  10. Gj bronies - you were the better dspearers clan today.
  11. Still voted for FOE because I'm biased rofl. P.S. stfu Kyle.
  12. This topic is too magical for me. I'm done here.
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