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  1. I expect most clans to start official Trips in about 3 weeks time. But I'm all for discussing the future of the Pure community with fellow clan leaders.
  2. Feels good to be back, was a nice break away from RS!
  3. Make a list of the top clans list of all time. :thumbsup:
  4. Ya a couple of those videos are mine! I was such a noob smh...
  5. The IR vs Z was the most fun I had in this game, and to top it off pulling 120 and beating Z 4-0 in the fullout.
  6. IR vs Z was such an intense rivalry. I literally wanted to beat the **** out of every member in Z at that time but now idgaf wouldn't mind kicking one with the leaders.
  7. I was in Phobia too until it died, then the leaders of it (Hasan, Jason, and Nick) made Adelais which I stayed there till that clan died too. I'll try to think of all the clans I've been in: Noob Squad Evolution Purez Delta Force Agony Corrupt Pures Intense Redemption Trilogy Violent Demise (Forgot the name of a clan, I think Omni led it?) Intense Redemption The clan we opened after IR died The Last Pures Intense Redemption
  8. Coming back to RS in December 2009 was probably my biggest regret.
  9. RS Name: lraqi Mage Don't trust me too man
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