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  1. F2P #1 MM #2 FOE #3 FI #4 EOP #5 CP #6 E From mid 07 to 09/10, there was an almost unbreakable top 3 (FOE, MM and FI) - does no one remember that? For around the last 8-10 months of that phase, FI was the weakest of those three, but they were still dominant in comparison to other clans. From 06-08 FI were prob overall the best f2p clan (I was in it), but had to beat FOE in a fullout in early 08 to take #1 officially on the PCR list. That was the peak of their powers and a few of months down the line they went down hill, slowly going into their "slump". Even while slumping, FI was part of that top 3 for a good while, so they were still "strong", just weren't living up to previous expectations. The first clan to take advantage and break that top 3 was E, and then things opened up and after E closed EOP/CP (f2p), TLP (p2p) and DP (both servers) started competing high up. DP did well in the aftermath, but never sustained it (and closed), EOP did the best for a while, then FI took their turn again this year (from what I hear). CP are above some smarter, more respectable clans because they've stood the test of time - which isn't necessarily a good thing - but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt because they were good in patches - even if they didn't have integrity while doing it. P2P #1 FOE #2 MM #3 TLP #4 EOP/FI #6 DP (IR as well) For a VERY long time, FI/EOP's P2P game was comparatively so much worse to their F2P game. P2P all time lists are hard to make because I hesitate to put EOP/FI - who for much of their history were totally incompetent P2P clans - above clans that had it integrated into their system throughout their history and had an overall much higher success rate on p2p trips. I just remember throughout being in DP that if we encountered FI/EOP p2p we were going to absolutely flatten them, but we rarely did because their numbers would be short. Both clans have since improved greatly at P2P to their credit (I have to remind myself that DP closed 2 1/2 years ago).
  2. I believe the time you spend in this life is the only time you get. I try not to regret anything because there is no point, but I do wish I never got into this game and quit when my real life friends did. I was one of those that got sucked into the bitterness. I kind of convinced myself it was "fun", but in hindsight I can now call into question the concept of what enjoyment really is, and it just wasn't. Call it clanning or "playing for the clan", or whatever sad excuse you make for yourself, but its still wasting your time. You're still leeching off the planets resources, chasing a purposeless goal in a virtual world, or sitting on your ass arguing with people on some forum site over the most trivial matters. I'm just lurking to see pures reactions to the EOC update thing out of amusement, I have no affiliation with this game or anyone who plays it any more. Real life is way better :)
  3. I Mahatma I videos was prob first time but its hard to say, I always knew about FI because I f2p pked all the time
  4. Yeah I quit quite a bit ago Just happened to come on today to lurk to see what pures are thinking of the looming update I ask the same questions tbh... I'll check out the beta but mainly out of curiosity rather than an attempt to see if the game is worth playing. Don't think its the game going downhill as much as its my own personal perception of it as I grow up and desire other things in life and have better ways to spend my time. I now realise rs is just a time sink with no end product. I'm 19 and started playing in 05, made my first pure in 06 and joined my first clan Fi in mid 07
  5. Its weird that this new wave of pure clanners pine for clanning around DP's era, when at that time people like me were revelling in the nostalgia of the old wildy of 06/07. The lesson to be learned is to enjoy the present because everyone grows up and inevitably becomes bored of the repetitive and time-intensive nature of clanning. There are so many top ranks and important members in clans now who were the children of DP. One generation spawns another :)
  6. This list has such a specific set of rules. "Peaks" really don't mean anything to me or any person with logic or thought. Many clans have had one off trips where they haul in invites or a clan has just closed into them and they pull a ridiculous number - CP come first to mind. When you compare the peaks of clans like those with the ones which were out there with a degree of discipline and a more finely tuned philosophy behind them (i.e. the ones that never took cheap advantages like wearing addy, bringing invites to trips, sniping on mains), it takes everything out of context and just becomes a list of "which clan pulled highest on one specific occasion regardless of how legitimately they did it". Anyway everyone here seems to have forgotten how good FI was in late 2007/early 2008, which is a shame. They were the outright #1 f2p clan and when you take into consideration that this was before true organisation with teamspeak - and all the ******** cheap tactics that pure clans employ today, they are even more admirable. Way better in comparison to today's clans.
  7. never have a better word been said
  8. karils cbow for obvious reasons
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