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  1. I know you guys have been around in 07 for a bit so it would have been nice to see some 07 footage in there :P. Good to see you're back - had some nice runs in with you on 07 thus far, one of the few clans not to cheat against us ha. Best of luck!
  2. gj, nice pull although we weren't just pwning ur stragglers, i think we killed about 15 sv/ef as well as like 20 of urs lol
  3. Fun trip, would have been even funner if I wasn't lvl 50
  4. Nice, see you're repping NME's old cape haha.
  5. Really enjoyed the Hostility fight - huge thanks to them for not dramatically lying about their options like ER. I genuinely can't believe that clans feel the need to have at least 15 more than us before giving us a fight. Their trips must be really boring if they're unable to get a competitive run in that has some sort of balance.
  6. Could just post a suggestion that we have a few worlds that only allow F2P items in, even if people are paying for it. They've listened for this, might be worth a try.
  7. Hey you! Hope all is going well. Haven't really been following all of this, I've seen a few topics on the various forums that I still keep in contact with but I've not really gone out of my way to try and find out what's happen. However, from what I have read, it looks like it'll a slow process if the community is ever to recover. Yes, people will be pulled to the hype of the new servers and pure accounts will be created, but many will be discarded in a few weeks when the hype dies down and people get bored. That being said, as you rightly pointed out, there has always been a few that were extremely dedicated to their clans, people that have been willing to put the hours into it and I have no doubt will be those sort of people around once again; albeit not on the same numerical scale. So I can see small pking teams, maybe small clans that peak around 20 opening which should be fun for those that are going to get involved in all of it.
  8. Ben√

    RS Today

    The pure community is dead. I don't think there's any pure clan that's functioning under the new system. Some pure clans such as FOE/TLP/WAR/Z-MM (different name I think) opened up on battlescape, which is a private server while the majority of people have quit. CP's the only clan thats actually stuck to this game and moved onto the main world. I'm not sure how they're doing but I've not seen anything about them on RSC.
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