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  1. We went out today with a peak of 48 (TAT on my ass now) and slaughtered the red capes. EOP prepared for weeks prior to this weekend for this specific trip and they got the Corrupt ****.. R I P lmfao. Better luck next year. [Tristin] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsBRtOnLOq4&feature=youtu.be This was as ******* full of loot action packed as you could get for 1 inventory. We initially ran into EOP at the start completely smacking them from 55 to 35 right before Zerg & Fatality crashed from each side, so we pulled quickly north towards Mossies. We grabbed a fall in having a total of 44 in game then quickly re-rushed smacking Fatality & EOP within seconds forcing both into single. Then we quickly re-grabbed a fall in due to us forcing EOP to walk to lvl 15 so we returned and hit Zerg Unit pushing them into single. After that, Fatality rushed and we started off strong then quickly pushing on top with scims clearing them up within seconds. EoP about 8 mins later decided to show up after a full regroup while we were dicking kids. It started as a 42 vs 46 and minutes into the fight they dropped to 22. We complete smashed them forcing them into single yet again clearing up the world. Our intel told us EOP couldn't fight us anymore due to us annihilating them the fight prior, so they rushed an Lpc instead. We decided to pay them a visit. :) We ******* rammed them faster then I ram Nish's **** mom and ******* forced them from 26 hills all the way to ******* single. All the way down until they logged out. At least you tried. We were waiting at Dwarfs-26 hills for about 15 minutes while EOP sat in lvl 15 for that whole time doing nothing so we walked to Hill giants awaited them they finally came. We got off strong pushing them around making them pull out faster then JV pulls out on his girl. We bullied them for 5 minutes and then Zu came and we pushed them all way towards single while Zu was hitting us from the back so we turned around hit them quick then focused back on EOP and cleared them forcing them to end. Want to join the longest running Pure Clan? Forums: http://cp-rs.com/forums/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.c...orruptPuresClan SwiftIRC Channel: #Clan-CP
  2. 9/17 - F2P Matched Prep Set up a Prep with FI after the weekend for today. Thanks for the fun prep FI. Peaked ~35 ingame/TS. CP Starting: 28 FI Starting: 28 - CP Ending: 23 FI Ending:0 CP Starting: 27 FI Starting: 27 - CP Ending: 26 FI Ending: 0 CP Vs. Conviction + Ascent After our prep vs Fatality, some of us wanted another fight. CV+A asked us for a 1v2 1st to 100 and we accepted. Thanks for the fun fight guys. CP starting: 30 CV + A Starting: 43 - (kills) CP Ending: 100 CV + A Ending: 44 [ Doopy (FATALITY PREP) ] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVRhJ8K-7n8 [ Tristin (CONVICTION + ASCENT) ] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9bZIcNlUXU [ Ftw (FATALITY PREP) ] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79qDmJgHw3M .: Corrupt Pictures :. Forums: http://cp-rs.com/forums/ YouTube: http://www.youtube.c...orruptPuresClan SwiftIRC Channel: #Clan-CP
  3. Today we went out found the hamburger hand clan and smacked them, peaked at around 30 Thanks for the action S/O Supremacy for the fight EOP sucking [FTW] [TRISTIN] We had an our spy online and he informed us eop was walking up so we quickly got prepared around spider vents with a solid 24 in game vs 33 EoP retards(inb4 YOU HAVE SV/ROT/VR/COR/RSD/DF WITH YOU CP!) We quickly started off dominating the map dropping they're acne (barley) by every death but then about 15 mains rushed and eop bailed to single so we followed and they were forced to camp 35 ports with 10 people left in game till they had a regroup north of mossies we rushed it quickly and cleared them in .5 VS SUPREMACY x2 We were walking around and stumbled on sup, we got aggressive straight off the bat and pretty much smacked em down to graves in moments & then smacked em again swag we beat eop again but was under .3 so pointless talking about that
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