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  1. IamOprah


    Hey there, I remember you from the greatest clan to never open #Sorrow. Anyways Massacre is an awesome bs clan, check them out sometime. -c00n ranger
  2. Keep trying to wear it maybe it would work=p Personally i'm waiting for rs2006
  3. Anarchy Forums Anarchy Memberlist Youtube- RSCLANANARCHY IRC- #Anarchy On Sunday, September the 16th, Anarchy took to the wilderness for their first official P2P Pk trip. With 25 loyal Anarchists, (peaking at 27) we managed to have a hella fun trip with a lot of free loot. Anarchy Vs Corrupt Pures After being crashed by zenith/tlp everytime we attempted to set a PKRI up with CP, we decided to invite CP to the gamers grotto for a wilderness style fight. (video coming soon) Round 1 (Anarchy attacking): A Starting: 17 CP Starting: 17 A Ending: 14 CP Ending: 0 Round 2: (Anarchy defending): A Starting: 16 CP Starting: 16 A Ending: 12 CP Ending: 0 Thanks for the fight. Respect CP Anarchy Vs Enemy Wanting another fight we challenged NME To a dangerous gamers grotto fight (wilderness rules). (video coming soon) Round 1: (Anarchy Attacking) A Starting: 15 NME starting: 15 A Ending: 13 NME Ending: 0 After round one NME disappeared :unsure: . Shame I was having fun, nevertheless, Thanks for the fight.
  4. IamOprah


    make a mpc and ill start playing again <3 oprah
  5. where are the other rounds?
  6. two wrongs don't make a right.
  7. I don't think I was on for this but expected I suppose, your foe Thanks Ot: i'm hearing from my members we dropped xo second round :whistling:
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