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  1. This ^ It just own't be the same... A part of us died with the game the innocence of childhood... Most of us were like 9-12 at the time
  2. Does any1 here care about eoc? who cares ill post it Dual rapiers + Dual crossbows o and 85 summoning
  3. sorry to say, just like terror, we dont exactly take them seriously. and im waiting for u to defend plat king title vs EF :thumbsup: i snipe mustafa every prep
  4. plz lets do this and lets make hon0r leader
  5. Good idea, lets make hon0r leader ok?
  6. we've been nice to them this whole time but I'm tired of their 40 def
  7. Some blue cape clan asked us for a fight idk who they are but they used 40+ defence and they own so hard i think they are #Terror Heads up though if you mini them make them sit their 45 def they bring like 3 per mini
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