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  1. We sat to EOP. Peaked at around 30 something. You didn't peak over 25. We sat to you. You guys sat to us for the first two rounds. For the third round, we sat to you. Thanks for the fight.
  2. We have beaten them in a mid 30v30 before :D However, today they outperformed us. Thanks for the fight.
  3. Nothing new there :whistling: it was a polite comment, the least you can do is return the favor and not seem like a **** because of your first good trip l0l grats on your trip and your pull I know it was a polite comment... However, i have no respect for NME since ive been in Frenzy all i have had is good trips? so your point is invalid about this is our first good trip :thumbsup: if i were you i would have respect for a f2p clan that is giving a p2p-only clan good competition. :L Sorry but we don't define a punching bag as good competition =/
  4. nice win in the 10v10. i think you guys are going to fight frenzy next. gl! :)
  5. Nox

    EoP vs NME 40 vs ?

    nme cleared like expected
  6. We beat EOP 3-2 in a 20v20 P2P mini. We lost the first two rounds, but clutched back and won the last 3 rounds in a bo5. The peak pull for one of the rounds was 22-23 people. x Swoll's Perspective: Spe's Perspective (he only recorded 2/3 of the rounds we won): Thanks for the mini EOP.
  7. fake kdr. you guys got cleared.
  8. I hope you guys can get your pulls up soon. Ty 4 Mini. You got us with the sols ;p
  9. you seem heated :D you have no idea what old nox is capable of! yea i made you rage quit your own clan :teehee:
  10. ty 4 prep. good job on the third round. it was very close until you guys took the decisive lead at around 15v15.
  11. It was expected that eop would win. Man to man, they simply have better quality.
  12. We beat nme 3-0 in a p2p prep. Kumar's Perspective: The edit of this topic was inspired by Azrael.
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