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  1. What are things looking like Karl, find any help yet?
  2. Damn proper mate. Join nemesis. Probably the most legitimate pure clan out there...
  3. Remedy and Nemesis have been going at it in the wilderness in Bounty Hunter lately so we decided to schedule a 15v15 min f2p prep. We massed up 22 Skull Hunters for this event. F2p is not our thing seeing as we are a p2p based clan but we seemed to do pretty good. Remedy seemed to dip out and leave after second round though. was weird. Thank you Remedy for the fight, even though it was a little sketch. This is the result. Shout outs to the Pink Panthers (cv cough) for attending Remedy's event. Thanks for making the prep a little more interesting than it would have been <3 Note the 3+ zerks and the cv ranks in the DD
  4. The dude refered to me as being the best troll on the forums. I'm done.
  5. slushpuppy, on 16 Sept 2014 - 10:51 AM, said: You're a greedy **** with no care for anyone or anything but yourself and your "plans". Your understanding of the pure community consists of "flame is good" and "ddos till you get what you want". You make new accounts under the name of "chestyretard" and you hit off my teamspeak anytime my clan has an event. What a host ladies and gentlemen. You're anger towards me only shows one thing. You know you are incapable of running the community forums and that's why you see Karl as such a huge threat, half of the community doesn't even want to visit this site because they do not trust you with any of their information because of how much of an e-thug you attempt to be. Karl is a far more mature hoster and your concept of him is only created by the fact that you want to replace him so you make up your reasoning as to why you should host this community. You have showed to me time and time again why you are incapable of grasping any sort of mature concept about anything. You are another kid attempting to be something you're not. Be real with yourself otherwise you will just be another crappy hoster who only wants to monetize this community to your own benefit. VIP group LOL. Paid tools LOL. Just host, that's all we're using you for, nobody cares about you or your opinion. You're just another tool for the community that can be replaced like a wad of toilet paper used to wipe the grimy stink away that is YOU. Go ahead delete my replies I don't give a ****. If you pursue this vendetta any more than you already have, you know full well what I am capable of.
  6. ur core consists of like 3 members and ur rank team consists of the biggest retards in the pure community mate... Ok.
  7. lol new *** Are you the real Nick hamilton? Had a feeling.
  8. I love that craig owens song in your sig <3 :')
  9. Playground drama...listen, on a topic like this nobody ******* cares about your petty little 5th grade rivalries just shut up. Also if you think that the only way to keep the pure community alive is by giving the HPC's competition you're ******* hilarious bro. That was the most self centered statement I've ever read Mitch. You only said that because you want to pick on lpcs/mpc's with CP just so CP can stay alive. When talking about the survival of the community please, let's take some time to be a little selfless here. What Omni said is true and I've been stressing this everywhere. I've been doing it with my clan vandalise and it's been going good. I understand a clan that's sole memberbase is completely new will most likely fail but at least that brings a lot of new players into the community that will join a clan that can properly train them. Now a clan with a solid core of veterans plus new members coming into the clan will help ALOT. The core memberbase sets the pace of the fights and the members learn from that. The core base and the ranks help the new members become familiar and they grow into capable runescape warriors. I don't see much actual recruiting from the veteran clans of the community. throw away the mindset that got us here in the first place. the mindset where everyone thinks the only way to get members is by gaining wins over other clans. Sorry but that doesn't work anymore. done.
  10. ~~~Welcome to the official Recruitment Topic for Vandalise.~~~ Vandalise Is a new upcoming LPC on the hunt for some good competition. We were formed by the coming together of a few communities that just pked together as low levels. TRP, Vendetta, and Chaotic. We are an extremely active clan in the wilderness pking 24/7 and doing other events such as Bossing, Pvming, Skilling, Questing etc. We came together with the same mindset, to compete in the LPC scene and in general just have fun with it. We love competition and friendly rivalries. We solve our problems through the wilderness, not from the back of a keyboard typing ip's into a botnet server. Our intention is to provide a good community for those that are interested and providing healthy competition to any LPC's who dare. Good luck and see you all in the wilderness Rank Structure ---Founders--- Kane|Full Ability, xxThackidx ---Leaders--- Chesty, Duval ---High Councils--- TBA ---Warlords--- Cassidy69 ---Councils--- Jisk ---IRC CHAT--- #MobCave ~ feel free to idle TBA ---Forums--- www.vandalise-rs.com ---Teamspeak 3--- Query Chesty via irc
  11. What's up with the forums going down? We can't keep having this happen. And if you don't have a sort of United Nations where clan leaders can get together and discuss about things such as events etc I suggest you make one.
  12. Interests: smoking weed Current goals: become a ganja seller What a legend
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