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  1. which means with me over winter break.^
  2. Goodbye, I'll always respect the likes of suwoop, oldpker, and goop when i knew him.
  3. same as most of my passwords for other fan sites as well. I played in a time of trust and respect, not under the table tactics. but I hold no grudges, especially when I myself am at fault for poor password management. In fact the password i have for this site was created for me by one of the first admins because i was to lazy to come up with my own.
  4. FOE, you were the clan i respected the most, through out your existence you lived by your motto "never cheat, never lie, final ownage till i die" Rest well comrades
  5. I am legitimately sad that all of our clans are closing, despite being inactive for nearly 3 years I made sure to check in on all the drama that was happening around here. I never imagined the pillar clans like FOE/EOP/FI/MM would close their doors (MM hasn't closed yet officially. (no flame)) literally an entire generation of our childhood will be lost with nothing to show for it other than the fading memories of past battles and people we met. In high school (ages ago) fatality was place where i could hang out during the weekends separate from parties/friends/sports/school. I developed friends that may have moved on but certainly won't be forgotten. I hope you all realize that this EoC single handedly did what BH/PVP/Trade limit could never do, kill the pure community. I'd like to give mad props to all the clans that gave it a go, without you i would have felt great guilt in not attempting to help keep FI open for the sake of everyone. for discussion's sake what clans remain open, and are actively pursuing EOC?
  6. Honestly, things are a lot different than they used to be. Everyone is legitimately hostile now a days. The hostility between pure clans is pretty sickening, berating one another to the point of hatred is simply ridiculous. It's hard to find the source of conflict that started all the flaming/hacking/ddossing. But i can make a simple assumption that is no different from any other arms race. Each clan needs something over another, If they can't compete in game they either turn to hacking ddossing or flaming to compete, or in the case of fatality and a few other clans they turn to in game advantages. Both these things have similar and disastrous effects on the community. Community forums, if monitored correctly can be a fantastic asset to the clan community, it gives what we do meaning and can actually solve arguments of what clan is currently on top. Personally i think these immaturity problems arose after leadership exchanges in multiple clans. You would almost never see James/charles/13th/mahatma/oldpker/dave(cha0s)/omega/tlpranks flame each other. If there was any sort of flame it was always subtle and rarely publicly shown. I know specifically Fatality and Foe had a gag order on members.
  7. MM- Honestly I've always admired there member base, but their strongest asset is their staff who keeps their forums running tip top shape. also, little known fact i have 3000 post count on mm's forums because i won a halloween costume competetion FI- the love of my life FOE- unbeatable for so long, I'm legitimately sad that they went down hill as they did, but it happens to everyone. EOP- honestly i had a good relationship with alot of eop leadership before i quit rs. I have no idea why our fued started or why both sides couldn't come together and get the **** over it. Definitely hurt both clans. CP-never really understood this clan but they did great in the full out vs us TLP- i admire this clan for its core of members and great p2p mini crew, when i was a rank it was always fun fighting you in p2p Z-Liked you guys NME-Always saw u as our little brother HI H
  8. We will feed on you this weekend like chris at a pizza buffet, hitting you with all the locs of your unfaithful members.
  9. Sweet trip glad you could squeeze a run in before we could come stomp you.
  10. well its about time we started fighting someone worth our time, it's taken weeks to get a legit fight with all these pre 2k10 relics hiding from us.
  11. Inferior 1 defence scum complaining all over this topic
  12. Fatality isn't the best p2p clan ^^^ **** no one says.
  13. Straight stomped, in america we judge winners based on the score, not by length of participation.
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