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Just window shopping.


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The top clan that will accept your defence level is EoP, however our requirements are an 87+ stat with a secondary 70.


- Solid 65+ pulls to F2P

- Solid 45+ pulls to P2P

- Friendly & Active forums/irc

- ***** **** up on a regular basis, internet heroes who aren't afraid of anything.


If you consider yourself a fellow e-pirate/badass/hero, heres our deetz






Alternatively, if you cbf training, i'd recommend Ch, CPR, or IR, they're all pretty legit.





M Slowpoke

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Try out crimson project! We're #1 Med lvl P2P clan, with prep wars daily and weekly pk trips.


Check us out at www.crimson-project.com or #clan-cpr


Hope you find what you're looking for :)



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Id say try out zenith, we are a med lvl pure clan that does both p2p and f2p events.





Proud Ex Founder of Anxiety
Proud Ex Honoured Member of Epidemic
Proud Ex Elite Member of Destructive Pures
CURRENTLY a Proud Leader of Zenith
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#War-rs if u get higher range or str. 80 range or str and u got reqs.


Good luck finding a clan.

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