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  1. At 1am I got finished off my hellhound task and fancied doing some dagganoths as I had 20 p pots from an abbarent spectre task. I got a Dagganoth task and went to bed. 4 kills later I got this a few days ago So unless I want a pet, there is no need to solo rex anymore right? Also got this yesterday along with 79 def and hp
  2. Got 50 farming today, hit 70 slayer, 75 att ect yesterday.
  3. Wow pure clans are still going.. damn
  4. Charlie

    New Skin!

    Is it the black one, it scares me. I liked the grey one from before the update
  5. Good luck! More fun if we all join in :D
  6. Thanks for your support :biggrin:
  7. The forums are coming more and more inactive which is understandable. Yesterday I checked the forums and there was only one new post in pretty much all the subsections. Hope you guys had a good Christmas and that your New Year is good. I'll continue to check these forums once or twice a week but it seems to be the end so, all the best everyone.
  8. Hello, that would be me. After goopykins got someone to hack Epidemic forums and accounts like sirswat i wasn't comfortable with promoting wow2many+goop to leader. So in the end I left, quit for like 6 weeks until pbs scout messaged me on msn to check out Epidemic. But you have to hand it to them, I just kept EoP alive whilst we had random spots of success. They got them to a top three clan being number one for sustained periods.
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