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UnSatisfied Pures NEW CLAN

Fuck Def

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INTRO:Hey guys, well on my tanker i was planning on making a clan, but seems if i pk with my rune chain no one will pk with me for some odd reason. ._. So i got on my pure (U P ftw} and i was pking today and if i spam more on him i get more poeple to PK with! So guess what? I want to make an official clan out of it instead of making a noob pvp team that bses everyone :P


UnSatisfied Pures

35-55 Pure clan.


I was trying to get screenies of us piling and pking but i always forget to press the button lol. Only got 1 screeny atm :P Im pking tommorow so don't worry more screenys will be posted.


101025212736.pngShowing you my ops.


I'm a VLS pure but since i took this when i was F2P im a member now.. im a range 2h




Thanks for reading this and wish UNS GL <3

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I actually don't really pk with teles

And reason i have lobs cause i was like lvl 28 back in the day

im lvl 35 now LOL either monks or lobs :P :D :dotfire:

and i DO have a website, but i'm not finished with it yet so i can't

Memberslist i don't have an official one so cant lol

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