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Looking for a med-level clan


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Hello my rsn is D L E R. I have never been in a pure clan, just pk teams. My irl friend told me to come here and make a topic so I am :)


Here is my stats:



I was in a main clan before so I am familiar with forums and uploading pics and what not :P

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Come check out #Zenith we have mostly people around your combat with an activity memberlist/clan we go out on 2 pk trips a week 1 f2p and 1 p2p and have around 3 mini wars a day almost 2 preps per week f2p, our forums are www.zenith-rs.com and our Irc channel is #Zenith

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Come check out CP. We're a very laid back clan that knows how to have fun, but also be serious when we need to be. We're mostly f2p based with p2p events, and we literally got the best leader around.






Just come hang out and say hi, everyone pretty helpful


Corrupt Pures CrownLeader.gif[supreme Elder]
Since 09' | #Clan-CP | www.cp-rs.com
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I think Elysium would be a great choice for your first pure clan. We're a newer clan, just a few weeks old. We have a casual, patient outlook and could assist you in your start in the pure world. Give us a look.




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Just by the looks of your account you would probably be looking for a F2P based clan.


Good F2P based clan

Eop - Strong in F2P with active members and improving in P2P.

Cp - Strong in F2P as well.


If your looking to do P2P I would then suggest Foe or Tlp but you would have to do some training.

Want to join the best? Go to http://Foe-rs.com

Foe vs Fi F2P Full Out Saturday Auguest 11, 2012

Retired Runescape 2/1/2012

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You meet our requirements, and you would love our community with frequent massing cc bs trips and ventrlio prankcalls and whatnot


Just give us a shout at #clan-cp or intro on www.corruptpures.invisionzone.com


I hope to see your intro soon :D GL on whicheva clan you choose



While you're steaming over PW, I'm chilling @ school as top dog.. ouch.
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Cp or Cx

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