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somebody wanted me to


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be in a low lv clan or some ****

i think it was omni or something

but then i left forever

whats happening

[20:19] <``Karl> tbh
[20:19] <``Karl> you know you're probs never going to be promoted
[20:19] <``Karl> for the simple reason all you do is **** around



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im the coolest guy on pw now

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**** **** **** ****

mother mother ****

mother mother **** ****

mothe **** mothe fuc

noinch noinch noinch

1 2 1 2 3 4

noinch noinch noinch

smoking weed

smoking weed

doin coke

drinking beers

drinking beers beers beers

rolling fatties

smoking blunts

Who smoke the blunts?

We smoke the blunts!

rollin blunts

and smokin the bl....

ah..let me get a nickle bag

15 bucks little man..

put that **** in my hand..

if the money doesn't show

then you owe me owe me ow

My jungle love...

Owe OWe Ohhh

I think I wanna know ya...





Feel me?

"Practice + Determination isn't coincidence." Retired
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