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Elmos Mother

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HELLO ALL! Some of you may know me some may not, for those of you that don't I'm Elmos Mother, yes Rang3r4Elmo's IRL Mom. Started out thinking it wouldn't last and here I am 15 months later! Yes, I'm as addicted as the rest of you. I've had lots of help along the way (you know who you are, I won't name names). It's been great fun and have met lots of nice folks, and yes some not so nice. My first 99 was woodcutting, yes I know NOOB, but it will always be near and dear to me. Am very proud of my 99 agility and am currently working on 99 mining. Neither of which are NOOB in my opinion. Anyway with some prompting thought it was time to check out PW forums and say HI! <3 to all

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