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Help with music for a PK vid


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Okay so Ive almost finished all the clips I want for a pk vid. I have red, blue, and green mask risks. Santa risks, Red, Blue, White, and Yellow Phat risk, gonna get green and purple before Im done with clips, need some help finding some badass music to edit to, ATM I'm thinking some a7x or the offspring, not going for any rap and trying to stay away from the everyday techno **** people use for editing. Want some upbeat rock that would be good to edit to. Any ideas?



I wont be using any full songs cuz that **** gets boring, Im just gonna pick and choose my favorite parts out of the songs.

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Look at the music in my pk videos if you get bored, it's a little different but it's still that rock feel. If you like the sound of a certain band just send me a PM.

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<--Has any1 used this?

And Ima watch your vids now Tom thanks

"Practice + Determination isn't coincidence." Retired
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or just chose music you like, can't please everyone.

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