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After watching CP pull 115, I was wondering what the highest pull ever was.


Also to add onto that, how high do you think pulls will increase now that the pure world is in a trend where clans get concentrated into bigger clans, only allowing for 5-6 clans to compete with one another.

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Didnt freelancers pull like 370 opts to a trip? I think thats the biggest a single clan has ever pulled.


EDIT: Unless you count h3llz beav3rs (forgot the spelling) MM trips where invites were allowed... pulled ridiculous numbers of over maxed opts (399). Those were the days, 5 years ago or so? Newfags dont know.

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How did 120 EoP nearly lose to 90 MM. We cleared MM at hills (who had closer to 100), then 90 FOE rushed, who were also cleared, then you both regrouped and tried to team on us (which would make it closer to 180 FM vs 120 EoP. However at that stage we just walked into cw :Slim:


ot; I think we had the highest f2p pull ever, and FOE pulled like 116 to p2p a month or two ago, which i think would have been the highest?

The few kids who come on their zerks to our trip either lost their pure or are old school and only get on for trips. These kids are in mith or addy...


>pure world

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Epidemic - 126, sign ups every week bros.

Mm - 118(120 possibly) to one of our fights, no sign ups either... Damn epic. Loved you guys.

Foe - 115(Was not there, I don't actually know) .... To p2p. That's an achievement in it self lol. Don't even remember what it was for lol.


All three are with every clan at least a full member or future applicant. Close to no recent applications on all three clans, so clans who went from pulling 80 to 110 in a week or two, do not count.

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