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Possibly looking for clan


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well i'm in zenith currently but im looking at the oppertunities of joining another clan because i love zenith but i dont feel that welcomed ect.



my stats are as follows:



but i'd be joining with 75 strength, 60 attack, and 85+ range and 70+ hp.



any clan welcome

Stop it! Stop it! Can't you see you're tearing us apart!?!?

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lol i doubt zenith will be happy that their member is doing this.


Anyway, EoP reqs are an 87+ stat with a secondary 70, so you wouldn't be far off if you're willing to go that extra mile. ~70 pulls regularly to f2p and 40-50 in p2p, very competitive in matched opts in both servers, and extremely active during the week.


Our community is also fun, with extremely active forums, irc & teamspeak3.







*Proud To Be Warlord of The Eruption Of Pures

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I don't know why you would leave Zenith because you're not known, I would give them another chance since they're rising in both f2p and p2p.


If not come check us out at #clan-cp


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tommy lol u been in zenith for 9 months now your leaving the problem with you u dont talk to the new kids u talk too the old kids... come back or gl finding a new home we doing good atm




gl tommy your choice homie

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Semptember 18th 2012




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Hey Tommy!


Join Fatality! You got the stats to become a minty (associate) or you can train up and become a full member, up to you :D


Idle in our Irc, #Fatality


Our forums: http://rs-fi.com/


Clan chat in-game: Fi Channel


Good luck with whatever clan you choose to join! :smile:

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Ex Proud Member of Destructive Pures

Current High Council Of Fatality




NEW SITE: http://www.clan-fi.com/forums/

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with those stats, i suggest #Clan-EF, we are well organized and very active

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