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Looking for a good active F2P based clan. Although i do have p2p i never use it to pk so i dont bother doing quests or anything. I use p2p for simply training so i can own noobs in f2p. :blush: always been a f2p pker, never really caught onto the p2p scene. So who wants a loyal old school member? Clanning since 2004 :cool:


Stats are:

40 attk

95 str

71 range

71 mage

85 hp

1 def, 1 pray.


65 combat.


Post away, no flames.

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Come Corrupt Pures, we're the most f2p based clan out there and are successful at it. We're very chill and you can just stop by and say hi






Corrupt Pures CrownLeader.gif[supreme Elder]
Since 09' | #Clan-CP | www.cp-rs.com
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Active community+ loves f2p, were currently on the rise and just recently pulled 50 to f2p, we have a very freindly and welcoming community :)


Forums: www.zenith-rs.com

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come check out zenith dood, just pulled 50 to a f2p trip on sat, we got a f2p prep vs fi today, we do f2p minis daily,preps,pk trips, unoffical bs trips etc.



chilled people you should check us out






goodluck finding a new home :bunny:

Proud To Have Been Zenith.




Semptember 18th 2012




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Sup Buky. I know you remember me (l1l w33zy4n4) from back in the day... I know you remember Fatal Force vs Animosity :). Welcome back to RS bud.. We got some Ex-Ay in #Fatal.Force

We're F2P based and we're kickin it old school.



drop me on IRC, #Fatal.Force.


Good luck finding a clan bro


[@riggz] streetzafk the eop spy who deleted eop forums



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CP 1% p2p, 2% p2p, 100% OWNAGE


pluz we got kool stuff going on like daily bs trips and ventrilo prank calls :D



While you're steaming over PW, I'm chilling @ school as top dog.. ouch.
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Someone named The Hatred above and we got about 6 ex-TH members that are all active. Our community is tight and the atmosphere in Corrupt Pures is chilled, enjoyable, welcoming and relaxing. However, CP`Leadership knows when to put serious face on and when we set a milestone for ourselves we always reach it do to our strong group of core members. As a new member you can talk and even call if you show the leader skills on ventrilo during mini-wars or even big prep wars. We don't mute our ventrilo very offend so it will be easy for you to get to know our community.


Corrupt Pures is improving as we speak and I want you to join us to make history and to make huge impact in the F2p server. We're the clan no one expect anything from yet we surprise everyone as we have been competing with the top 3 (top 4 now) for 4 weeks in row. Corrupt Pures is hitting a new peak and I want YOU to experience it.


I'd like you to consider joining Corrupt Pures as we'll full-fill any hunger you might have for action. We're the most active F2p clan with several mini-wars a day, several prep wars a week and nearly daily BS trips. Our community will make you feel that you have been part of the clan for ages and we have a sexy forum! :laugh:



Please consider Corrupt Pures! We're 1% P2p, 99% F2p and 100% ownage!


(We not really 1% P2p, probably 20%)

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Join CP they literally don't know how to spell p2p



L0L anyways come check out cp mkan were cp based and working on f2p I think you'll really enjoy the community were all like one big family



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Well come try out Exiled Force. We are an f2p based clan and also a small clan that been recently been pulling in the 30's. Our IRC are #clan-ef and our forum is http://exiledforce.b1.jcink.com , so come check us out (:

Join EF today at:





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Try #Zenith, we have a very active community, with friendly members and staff, and have F2P trips every saturday, and F2P preps throughout the week, along with multiple fun pking trips. We're also active in the P2P scene.



Best of luck with whatever clan you do decide on.

Proud Ex-Zenith Event's Team
Proud Ex-Havoc Member
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I wouldn't join a higher level clan since you don't want P2P.


I'd personally suggest Corrupt Pures, Fatal Force, or Earthquake.






Good luck with your decision.

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Corrupt Pures are the most succsesful F2P based clan. Been pulling high numbers for roughly 3 weeks and still going strong.

CP has been open since May of 2005. We have some of the best leadership in the game and pretty much all we do is F2P.

We have F2p planned preps almost every day of the week, on Friday, we do F2p PCL or Pk trips, and every Saturday F2P Pk trips.

Plnkaroundme | Proud Ex-Corrupt Pures General | Ex-Warring God
I Don't Scape Anymore
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you should try #Clan-EF since we have many people with your lvl and you would fit in perfectly ;)

Proud Ex-Elite Member of Pure Death Dealers
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Proud Ex-Honored Member of Trilogy
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Proud Ex-Leader of Exiled Force
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