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FOE's Sunday P2P Trip 12-5-10


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I do NOT have leader rank on here as I stepped down from FOE High Council 2 years ago. I am however hanging around as an elder* and attend a trip here and there to support FOE and occasionally write a topic.



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FOE set out on another Sunday hungry for loot; we were disappointed CP wasn’t able to pull their f2p ops, which would have been an epic fight as we peaked at ~80 people today. Trip consisted of clearing or pushing MM into safe zones several times, hitting some minor clans such as CP, EOP, and FI. During the mid-late stages of the trip, MM went up to corps with HF on standby so we feasted on clans around BH.


Video of the Day




Our scouts found MM spread on sperm hill with FI sitting inside. We were well aware of the fact that FI will crash, but went for it. Fight consisted of us taking over northeast hill and pushing and clearing MM down to giants. TLP came and cleared FI and aided us with MM, thanks for the help guys. Appears EOP made an appearance too, not sure what happened there, but I believe TLP cleared them.



FOE starting ~74

MM Starting ~ 56


Foe Ending - ~60

MM Ending - ? Either ran or died














After scouts told us HF was lurking around MM, we decided to stay around BH and hit any clan we can. As we were walking from BH to Clan Wars, FI came running through for no apparent reason; I don’t really know the reason, but respect for fighting us so out opted.



Foe Starting ~70

FI starting ~30-40


Foe Ending ~68

FI ending: ? Ran up BH



<a href="http://swiftkit.net" target="_blank">101205231244.png





After clearing out FI, scouts told us there were people to hit on sperm hill in another world. We hopped and potted. Just then, TLP started logging in near us, so we hit them instead. We had the advantage from the start and eventually pushed TLP into Stealing Creations. About the mass returning; we were told to game necklace up to clan wars to hit some MM, just as we were doing that, people said TLP was logging in next to where we were logging in. The ones at clan wars then proceeded to teleport to bounty hunter and run back to our original hop spot.



FOE Starting: ~70

TLP Starting: 45-50

FOE ending: ~60

TLP Ending: ? In steal creations.







MM finally came down from corps and TLP was onto them at the bottom of BH. We wanted to join in the fun and rushed down to hit anyone we can. MM calls HF to BH and most clans ran up BH. It was funny to witness HF sniping some MM members down BH.

After two hours of domination, we decided to call off the trip there as most other clans have ended. Overall a great and successful Sunday trip, and thanks to all clans for the fights.




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FOE are the #1 Returners. We got word you logged in multi and went for gwas with like 50ish ppl.


Little did we know when those who died returned you guys swarmed. You out returned us heavily which shows we need to step that area up. Was fun even though we got banged =)


PS. Share Muffins Next Week Please! =(

{ Elder of The Last Pures }


{ Christ lived the life I should, and died the death I deserve. }


{ Proud Moderator Of PW }


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Damn was a hell of returning from you guys in the trees, we had prob. 45 people during the fight it was fun though :)



If you want the truth we didnt return rofl.


on login we told every1 to instantly tele to clanwars with games necks to hit mm. However, first 10 secs when u log in u cant see **** so half of us teled to clanwars ran out and specced out some mm. Then we heard OMFG TLP ON LOGIN lololol


we had to run back into cw, tele to bh and run down lol which is why u saw a mass swarm running down from bh.





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